Germany Mechanical Suspension

耐安机械 NAIAN

Germany Mechanical Suspension

1. Can be customized according to customer requirements.

2. Lightweight design to reduce weight.

3. High-strength materials are used, which have strong bearing capacity, high stability, good wear resistance and long service life!

4. The axle wheelbase adjustment is convenient and accurate, and it can effectively avoid tires from eating tires.

5. Easy to install and maintain.

6. Complete quality control, after strict bench test and loading road test.
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The mechanical suspension transmits the force and force twist acting between the wheel and the frame, and buffers the impact force transmitted from the uneven road surface to the frame or the vehicle body, and reduces the vibration caused thereby to ensure the smooth running of the vehicle.

一、Product drawings
Germany Single-Axle Suspension》Click to view
Germany Tandem-Axle Suspension》Click to view
Germany Tri-Axle Suspension》Click to view

二、Technical Parameters
Germany Mechanical Suspension