Air Suspension

耐安机械 NAIAN
Type: Air Suspension

Air Suspension

1. The air suspension system can absorb road vibration more effectively, reduce the sway and impact of the vehicle during driving, and have better protection for axle parts, tires, frame, box and so on.
2. The air suspension system has good axial and radial stability, and the vehicle runs safer and more stable. Avoid bumps and impacts caused by vehicle operation, which affect the quality of goods, especially for road transport of precision goods and hazardous chemicals.
3. The air suspension airbag is durable and has a long service life.
4. Unique guide spring design, combined with high-strength U-shaped frame structure, can effectively reduce vibration, avoid distortion of frame girders, and enhance the stability of vehicle operation.
5. Axle lifting, one-button operation, convenient and fast. When the vehicle is running at no-load, the axle is lifted by the axle lifting device, which can effectively reduce tire wear and save fuel consumption.
6. The air suspension integral lifting device can raise or lower the height of the suspension system to meet the requirements of various loading platforms and facilitate cargo handling.
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Air suspension According to the different road conditions and the signal from the distance sensor, the driving computer will judge the height change of the vehicle body, and then control the air compressor and the exhaust valve to automatically compress and extend the spring, thereby reducing or increasing the clearance of the chassis from the ground to increase High-speed body stability or the passage of complex road conditions.

一、Product drawings
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二、Technical Parameters
Air Suspension